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Want to Join TAKS?

Although TAKS discussions are open to anyone willing to abide by our Codes of Conduct, TAKS membership is invitation-only. 

If you'd like to become a member, you'll need to do three things:

Read more about each step below.

Becoming a Member

Join Discussions

Take out that ball gag and come chat with us! Before you can become a member, we require that you:

Get Sponsored

Once you've met the minimum requirements, you can ask a member to sponsor you at an upcoming play event. 

If a member agrees to sponsor you, they will accompany you to a play event, during which the group will examine how you conduct yourself in the play space and with potential partners.

Get Invited

When your sponsoring member feels you have proven yourself to be a good community member who follows our Codes of Conduct and other rules, your sponsor can request that you be considered for membership. 

The Executive Team will then email you, ask a few questions and vote on whether to allow you to join.

Important Notes about Membership