Codes of Conduct

Oh, Behave!

General Code of Conduct

All members and participants are expected to abide by the following Code of Conduct at any TAKS event:

Rules for Interacting in Discussions

To participate in our discussions, please follow these rules to ensure everyone can interact to the level of their comfort:

Play Party Rules

Everyone attending a TAKS play party is expected to follow the rules of the play space as they are posted as well as the following:

Respect play space. 

Respect other players.

Respect the group.

Sponsor and educate appropriately.

If you are sponsoring someone to a play party:

Always keep in mind: TAKS is about making kink approachable, comfortable, and exciting, especially for the newbie. Outside of scenes, feel free to share your knowledge, ideas, and expertise, and if you have a question, ask when it's appropriate to do so!