Let's Talk about Kink!

What is TAKS Portland?

Talk about Kinky Stuff (TAKS) Portland is a group of like-minded individuals who believe that the best way to learn about kink and kink-adjacent subjects is to talk to others who think about, support, and do those kinky and kink-adjacent things!

Headquartered in Portland, OR, our goals are to demystify kink for the curious and provide a safe space for the curious to ask questions and learn.

What Does TAKS Do?

TAKS Portland hosts regular discussions that are open to the public at kink-friendly locations across the Portland Metro area.

We also run member-only play parties on a regular basis.

How Can I Get Involved?

Come to a public discussion

Anyone can come to one of our public discussions! Take a look at our Calendar of Events for a list of what's coming.

View the calendar

Become a member

Once you've attended some meetings, you can apply to come to our play parties and become a member.

Learn more about becoming a member